Project Introduction

Oversleep is a 3D First Person Puzzle game. In this perplexing adventure, you’ll be taking on a series of puzzle rooms one-by-one. Each room will contain a different scenario for you to figure out as you explore. Take advantage of various physics based mechanics to complete each challenge.

Wrapped up in an enigmatic atmosphere, you must think creatively to solve these puzzles. Certain scenarios include navigating complex mazes, pointing your laser in the right direction, or even the demanding task of fishing up hidden rubber ducks. Some rooms will be much larger areas, where you may have to fly through the skies or face unexpected peril. Call into question the nature of reality in this unsettling world.

You’ll also find some useful gear provided to aid you. With the boots, you can jump high into the air to get a good look at your surroundings. Or you can make use of the magic orb to manipulate and change the layout of the room. You’ll also be able to smash down obstacles in your way when you obtain the power fist. Each item will get you closer to finding the puzzle answers you seek. How you make use of them will determine if you reach the end and unearth secrets.

About Developer

3 man team. 2 UK based, 1 in Pakistan. We're just getting on with our first game and are hoping to use it to raise funding and start building our next project and going to industry shows.