Project Introduction

OVERRIDER is a high-speed action-adventure that combines the high-speed thrills of board riding with a roguelike loop like never before. In a world past the collapse of human civilization, step into the shoes of Vihra, a young and reckless inventor who creates her very own means of travel. Faced with a robotic onslaught threatening her family, she must master hoverboarding, execute tricks, upgrade her skills, and craft gadgets. OVERRIDER draws inspiration from classics like SSX, Sonic, and Risk of Rain, emphasizing precise movement mechanics and hardcore gameplay.
Make use of various boost mechanics and learn to traverse the treacherous terrain efficiently. Grind rails to get to new locations, ride walls, get big air times and perform tricks to charge your board. The faster you move, the more powerful you are.

The year is 3XXX A.D., and what little remains of civilization is now scattered across the globe in secluded, self-sustained settlements. People are disconnected and disinformed. Any effort of expansion or exploration is hindered by the Overseer - a powerful AI rumored to have caused the collapse. Dangerous Roamer bots are walking around the surface of the planet with an unknown objective.

Gather scrap and spend it on upgrades. Craft gadgets and mods to gain various abilities and unlock different styles of play. Upgrade your gadgets' level and take on tougher bots.

Explore mountains and fields, enter desolate structures and discover treasures and useful objects. Where you can go is limited only by your skills.

About Developer

We are a studio based in Bulgaria with more than 13 years of experience in the industry. We make various types games for clients and have created a couple of widely used plug-ins for the Unity engine. Our passion, however, is working on games with cool movement mechanics.