Project Introduction

Build your own home on wheels and live sustainably off-grid. Craft workstations and power supplies, source energy from the sun, wind, or water, upgrade and customize your vehicle, grow crops, automate your production, and explore a colorful world.

Source Energy - Fuel your electric camper van with energy from the sun, wind, or water.

Build - Build your moving base with a modular building system. Customize your vehicle with paint, decorations, and furniture to create your own perfect cozy place.

Grow - Create gardens to nurture delicate and delicious plants and mushrooms. Eat them raw or cook them first to refill your needs.

Craft and Automate - Craft workstations and tools from resources around you. Upgrade, connect, and automate to produce more complex parts.

Explore - Explore a colorful open world with a variety of biomes, resources, and secrets to uncover.

About Developer

Square Glade Games is a small Dutch independent game studio consisting of two developers: Tobi and Marc. The team is based in the Netherlands.

Tobi - a German developer who moved to the Netherlands - started the journey of developing his first commercial game, Above Snakes in 2021 as a solo project. Marc joined the team in 2022 and, together, they formed Square Glade Games. Above Snakes is their debut title and it sold more than 60.000 copies within six months.

Tobi had a passion for game creation early on. In his teenage years, he created modifications (“mods”) for existing games such as Warcraft 3, Age of Empires, and Super Mario for his friends and family to play. Making games is what ultimately drove him into the field of computer science and motivated him to learn how to program. While working in corporate jobs for several years, Tobi started creating smaller game projects on the side until his latest project, Above Snakes, became so promising that he quit his job to work on the game full-time. Tobi ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2022.

During the campaign, he was found by Marc who joined the project in January 2022 and has since become a co-developer. Marc has been an avid gamer since the times of the Atari and Nintendo64 and has been playing on all types of consoles and PC throughout the years. After studying Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the Netherlands, he started a career in software engineering for self-driving vehicles. Alongside his career, Marc has recently ventured into game development which has resulted in his contributions to Above Snakes and the founding of Square Glade Games.

After Above Snakes has been released, the studio has been building various game prototypes. One of those prototypes was Outbound, which has been further developed by the team for a couple of months. The game was revealed to the public in February 2024.