Project Introduction

Oppidum is a survival with a twist from narrative, or should we say a narrative story with a lot of survival? That is yet for you to decide, but you won't be able to do much in the mysterious island you've been summoned to without the help of its inhabitants.

· Coop Multiplayer: Share the adventure with your friends.
Hate harvesting? Battle fierce monsters. Not a fighter? Take care of charming farm animals. Do what you love the most in Oppidum!

· Master Your Environment: Your journey, your strategy.
Exploration is not just a choice, it's a way of life here. Scour the island for distinctive resources and use them wisely. Find food, craft tools and weapons. Explore, adapt, and survive!

· Moving Fantasy Story with Adaptable Difficulty: Unveil a world of magic.
Dive into an enchanting narrative filled with intrigue and unexpected twists. Choose your journey: from a relaxed exploration to a high-intensity fighting excursion.

· Crafting and Farming: Build and grow.
Establish your homestead, cultivate crops, and create essential items for your adventure.

About Developer

EP Games started as a solo dev studio back in 2004, in Madrid, Spain. After many different projects, including some mobile games, the studio grew to develop Queendoom (2016) and A Gummy’s Life (2018). We’ve also worked on external projects like Immortal Redneck (Crema, 2017) and Temtem (Crema, 2022). We’re focused on developing high quality videogames on all major consoles and PC, specifically multiplayer experiences.