Content Warnings

Blood, violence, depictions of war

Project Introduction

OPS is a fast-paced, military tug-of-war game with no micromanagement. Genre wise we see it as a "Tactical Real-Time Strategy Auto Battler"

You don't have direct control of your units, so you need to strategically choose and deploy your troops from a mix of specialized military units to overwhelm the enemy. Experiment with a variety of unit compositions, synergies, abilities, and upgrades and adapt to the situation if the battle starts turning against your favor.

During battle, you'll need to be smart with what you deploy and when so you can balance out the resources you have along with those that you slowly earn during a fight.

Each unit also has its own upgrade tree so you can start to specialize and strengthen your unit.

There are various maps, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages to the gameplay. Matches are often quick and offer a ton of replayability.

About Developer

We are 4 colleagues creating games together since 2018. 2 of us are from Kharkiv while the other 2 are from Minsk. All of us fled our home countries in 2022 or 2023, given what is happening in both of them.

We've been based in Poland ever since, trying to rebuild some sort of normal life while still keeping one eye on things back home.