Project Introduction

In One Socket you go through a sequence of rooms. The main gameplay revolves around the player trying to escape these rooms, while surviving the presence of a terrifying monster, if you are not careful, you will get jumpscared and have to start the level all over again. The twist is that there is a limited amount of resources available to the player, and you only have one socket to plug them in so you can’t use them simultaneously. The player needs to constantly think about whether or not the action they are doing is worth it.

Each room has a unique monster bringing their own unique mechanics, for example, in the first room the player faces a monster that creeps up on you silently, and you have to keep a look out for where it is. In the second room, the monster sensitive to sound so the player has to instead listen carefully out for it, and make sure they don't make sounds.

The puzzles in one socket are designed not be too difficult or frustrating, as there is already a lot going on, but still difficult enough to require the players attention and build tension throughout the level.

About Developer

Hi! I’m Rik Muijs, otherwise known as r8teful, I was born in The Netherlands on August 1999 and moved to Sweden at age 6. My interests are in game development and content creation. I have completed a Computer Science Degree and a Master Degree in Interaction Design with specialization in Game development at Chalmers University Of Technology, Gothenburg Sweden. After I completed my studies in Summer 2023, I tried finding a job that interested me, but without any success. Instead I took a risk, to create One Socket, this will be my first commercial game.