Project Introduction

One S'More is a charming 3D single-player puzzle game that combines cute cartoon visuals with challenging gameplay.

Lead your marshmallow buddy through a world full of chocolate, cookies, jelly and more. Drop baumkuchen to set the world into motion, break cookies to get rid of obstacles and rearrange entire levels to help the marshmallow reach its goal of being squished between two chocolate cookies. After mastering the mechanics you can go ahead and create your own levels in the editor to share them with the community or just browse through the creations of others.

The demo currently contains about 30 levels to give you a taste of what's to come and access to the level editor, but no integrated sharing system for your creations. It also contains an overworld as a way to select different levels. For the future we are planning on bringing it to live with some NPCs and other interactions.

About Developer

We are Kleene Games, a small indie studio from Berlin in Germany, consisting of four Game Design students with a passion for puzzle games. Our debut title One S'More was originally conceptualized during the second semester of our bachelor's degree. It took us until our master's degree before we could finally start bringing our vision to life.