Project Introduction

"Once Upon a Rogue's Tale” combines strategic roguelike deckbuilding with the luck of the dice. Trade dice in battle to play a variety of different cards or to use powerful character abilities. Encounter story events inspired by classic fairy tales and make tough decisions that shape your journey which will be written down in your personal storybook.

The game offers both tactical and deeply strategic gameplay through a wide variety of character cards, each with their own set of abilities, and hundreds of hand cards that support each character in battle. Each character is designed to play differently to add depth to the game, but also to provide variety and allow players to discover their own unique play style.
In addition, the dice mechanic, which replaces mana/action points, provides a pleasant change of pace and introduces a bit of randomness.

Once Upon a Rogue's Tale is unique, because it's a fresh new take on classic fairy tales, revisited and adapted to modern times with lots of diverse characters. Players like the opportunity to write their own epic fairytale adventure, shaped by their choices in battles and events.

About Developer

Founded in 2021, PolyPirates is dedicated to developing games that transport players into magical realms, providing an escape from reality. Specializing in premium titles, they focus on delivering short yet highly replayable experiences, particularly in the roguelike card game genre.

PolyPirates are committed to diversity and representation. This is especially evident in their latest title, Once Upon a Rogue's Tale, where they reimagined classic fairy tales with a modern twist, featuring a rich array of diverse characters. Their mission is to create games that not only entertain but also resonate with a wide audience, while celebrating the magic of storytelling.