Project Introduction

At the base Ominous Stew is about 1v1 cooking battles at fast pace and with tight action.

The Core-Gameplay Loop of Ominous Stew is: 1. Move to a customer → 2. Serve the customer by assembling a dish to gain points.

1. Each Character has it’s own moveset and restaurant, so you can choose the playstyle you like. For example one character can dash forward and upward and another character can hook herself to objects or customers and can use her hook to pull or place plates in the distance.

2. When cooking (= assembling a dish) you need to feed customers based on their nutritional needs instead of following strict recipes. View the nutritional values of each of your available ingredients and figure out the perfect combination of ingredients to optimally fit your customers needs. This way you also learn the basics of a balanced diet along the way. A diverse selection of customers nutritional needs, ingredients and nutrients provide enough variety for hundreds of hours of entertainment.

The better the customers nutritional needs are met, the more points you recieve. A player wins when they are leading with a certain amount of points (tug of war principle). So you need to be as fast as possible and as precise as necessary.

Besides the Core-Gameplay you are also able to activate attacks, that cause destruction or handicaps for your opponent. There are two types of attacks: Energy-based attacks and Plate-based attacks

Energy-based attacks: Perfectly served customers leave behind Foodji energy (Energy points) which are stored on their plate. By collecting enough Foodji energy you then can unleash an attack, for example the Foodji Flamefist, which destroys a table.

Plate-based attacks: By returning plates you get plate points. You are able to activate this type of attack at any time as long as you have returned at least one plate. Depending on the amount of returned plates the attack gets stronger. So choosing the right moment is key.

Ominous Stew can be played with friends in Versus Mode locally and online or alone in Story Mode.

In Versus Mode you can choose your character and attacks and find out who is the best chef.

In Story Mode you learn about the bizarre world of Ominous Stew and find out more about the characters personality and motives.

About Developer

Greetings from Germany!

We are bloomgeist, a six-person development team made up of current and former students. During our studies, we quickly found a common mission: to revolutionize the gaming market by developing games that focus on entertainment while subtly imparting knowledge - in short, “stealth learning”. A unique fusion of fun and knowledge transfer.