Content Warnings

Game contain groans and vomit sounds. It can be disabled in settings by switching a drink from beer to ginger ale.

Project Introduction

About the Game
Play as Olaf, a charming yet clumsy dwarf who loves strong ale and adventure. Welcome to Olaf the Boozer. This 2D top-down puzzle game takes you on a hilariously journey as Olaf tries to piece together the events of his forgotten night, one step at a time.

Olaf wakes up to a disaster: broken furniture, scattered objects, a pounding hangover, and no memory of what happened. To uncover the events of the night, you must help Olaf collect the "ghosts" that represent his hazy memories by retracing his steps from the previous night. By solving puzzles and completing tasks, you will "restore" the furniture and unravel the mystery behind Olaf's wild antics.

Furniture Restoration: Walk over broken furniture to restore it. Be careful! Once restored, Olaf can't step on it again, so every step is critical.

Trail Navigation: Follow the footprints that guide Olaf's steps. Step on the last piece of the trail to be automatically guided to its end.

Staircase Portals: Use staircases as portals to transport Olaf across different parts of the level.

Victim Snake Mechanic: Collect red ghosts to reveal NPCs that Olaf hit last night. These NPCs will follow Olaf in a snake-like chain, creating a dynamic obstacle for Olaf to navigate around. Collect the yellow ghosts when the corresponding red NPC ghost is at the end of the chain.

Upcoming Features
Alcohol Mechanics: Manage Olaf's alcohol consumption. Use alcohol points to restore barrels and pick up vomit buckets to replenish all points.

Switches and Gates: Manipulate the environment with switches to open new paths or close off old ones.

Engaging Plot: Follow a storyline reminiscent of "The Hangover" and "A Night to Remember" from Skyrim. What begins as a comedic search for lost memories soon uncovers a larger, more serious narrative filled with intrigue, inspired by the novel "Guards! Guards!".

Decision-Based Progression: Your choices matter. Make decisions based on the clues you gather to impact the storyline, available levels, and endings. Experience multiple branching paths and outcomes.

Level Editor: Unleash your creativity with a robust level editor. Create, share, and explore custom levels and storylines designed by other players.

Why You'll Love Olaf the Boozer
Olaf the Boozer offers humor, strategy, a charming art style, inventive mechanics, and narrative depth. It combines all the best features you love in games. Whether you're a fan of brain-teasing puzzles or engaging stories, this game is both challenging and entertaining.

About Developer

I'm a web developer. My first attempt at game development was porting King's Bounty to s40 phones. While in university, I began participating in Global Game Jam, GitHub Game Off, and other game jams. Olaf the Boozer started as a jam project, but I decided to expand it into a full-scale game