Project Introduction

ODDADA is a curious musical playground in which landscapes become canvases, machines become instruments and little buildings and other trinkets become the player’s harmonious companions.
With each run, players go through six randomly selected levels in which they can experiment with different features and mechanisms to create sounds, melodies, and beats. Each run ends with a final concert where players can weave their six collected musical elements into one complete composition.
After the concert, the song is printed onto a virtual cassette that can be customized with colors and stickers, stored, and even exported to be shared with friends or the ODDADA community on Discord.
As the player completes more and more runs, additional widgets and tools become available that enhance the musical creation process by offering new mechanics, such as modulating the pitch or changing the landscape of the map levels.

About Developer

Over the years, our development team has grown to four members:
Sven is the artist, main programmer and original inventor of ODDADA. In early 2020, Sven developed a wave system on a minimalist, tile-based landscape where the wave triggered the tiles and houses it passed by. He didn't intend to turn this into a music game, but the way the wave moved the houses started to remind him of the piano roll interface you might know from music production software.
Mathilde joined Sven a few months into the project and became the game’s sound and music designer. She is responsible for all the quirky sounds and audio effects you can hear in the game.
Bastian, our dedicated audio programmer, became part of the team in early 2024 and focuses on implementing and polishing new sounds and musical tools.
Lastly, in April 2024, Annika completed the team to support us in the areas of marketing, social media and community management.
We are a very committed and driven team and through our individual involvements in various projects and events, we have built strong connections to the German and European indie dev scene.