Project Introduction

Nurikabe World is a relaxing logic puzzle game where you solve puzzles by creating islands and connecting rivers to create beautiful sceneries. Nurikabe World reimagines the classic Japanese pen-and-paper puzzle Nurikabe as a 3D game, where islands spring to life with trees and structures. Either play handcrafted puzzle campaigns, immerse yourself in the flow of infinitely generated maps or create and share your own puzzles with the integrated level editor.

In Nurikabe World, you create islands by placing water tiles. Each number must be separated into its own island with the indicated number of tiles. Completed islands will grow trees and other structures.

About Developer

Nurikabe World is being made by a three person team: by background we are one programmer, one artist, and one musician. Along the way we've had to learn from each other and assume fully new roles from our respective specialties. Our strength lies in our ability to deeply collaborate, allowing us to merge design, programming, art, and audio into a shared vision.