Project Introduction

Noxious Weeds is an action rogue-lite where you must survive waves of evil creatures through days and nights. To do so, you'll need to harvest trees and shrubs. Their produce will grant you endless combinations of incredible power-ups.
While defending yourself, you'll have the chance to rescue the cutest companions. They'll aid you in battle, not only by attacking the stream of enemies but also by healing and protecting you.
Will you endure 10 nights and 10 nights, boss and mini-boss encounters, and various seasonal adversities like thunderstorms and snowslides?

While making Noxious Weeds we've been inspired by the masters of rogue-lite survivor/bullet hell games: Risk of Rain, Vampire Survivors, and Brotato.

About Developer

Solar Eclipse Games is a two-brother effort to create fun independent games, crafted with attention to detail and a lot of passion.
Our strength resides in our incredible bond. Since we were kids we've always enjoyed playing video games together and dreaming of making our own. Now grown men, we have finally made that dream come true.
We're incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far and the amazing feedback we received made all the difficulties we had to endure truly worth it.