Content Warnings

Content warnings of Nova Hearts: panic attacks, abusive relationships (romance and family), vandalism, homophobia, transphobia.
All of these subjects are treated in a way that the main character discovers herself and her friends. We do not promote any abusive behaviors, we mostly try to educate.

Project Introduction

In Nova Hearts, you alternate with turn-based combat, visual novel phases, and text messages. All of these are intricately linked to dating.
The main inspirations are Sailor Moon, Persona 5, and Lovecraft.
A mysterious force of power transforms you and other highly attractive people in your area into superheroes and villains! TEXT, DATE, and FIGHT your friends and enemies alike.

About Developer

Lightbulb Crew is an independent developer of video games with distinctive design and strong art direction. We make games that tell a story, while having mechanics front and center. Our goal is to work together with players to create experiences that fascinate and delight.