Project Introduction

In ancient times, seven deities united to shape the land of Noreya. Men revered them, but some strayed, giving rise to malevolent deities. Endless famine persisted. The impoverished turned to the God of Avarice, transforming into tormented creatures, the golden shadows.
The world of Noreya exists in two versions: one for light and one for gold.
Exploring both versions of the world will offer you different paths, content, secrets, and bonuses.
Play as Kali, a fighter on a quest for revenge.
⚔️ You have the freedom to challenge the bosses in any order you choose. Whether you prefer to tackle the toughest foes first or save them for later, the choice is yours.

Features :
- A skill tree with over 50 abilities!
- An original storyline scattered around the world: find all the steles in the game to understand the history and mysteries surrounding the gods (optional storyline).
- A non-linear map: discover the world as you please
- 2 Unique persistent worlds that evolve according to your chosen allegiance to the gods (The Path of Gold or The Path of Light)
- Explore the mysterious depths of the world of the living as a ghost in the game.
- The game features multiple endings.

About Developer

Our Dev team is from Toulouse in France, so we Put some of our Occitan culture in the game.