Project Introduction

Plot and Setting:
Nomori is a gorgeous and heartfelt adventure puzzle game that puts the power of time and space in your hands. As Kiko, players will venture into a vividly rendered fantasy world full of colorful and eccentric spirits, where she will learn to see the world from exciting new perspectives. As Kiko comes into her own and bonds with the Spirits, she will see beyond the limits of reality and save Nomori.

Change Your Reality:
- Place, shift, and rotate portals to change the gravity direction of objects and even yourself.
- Make clever use of portals to reach new heights! High vantage points are a great way to challenge your understanding of the world’s physical limits.
- Use your spirit powers to influence the world around you. Control the flow of time and rotate the forces of gravity to solve mind-bending environmental puzzles!

Think Outside the Box:
- Explore every corner of your surroundings—the more you seek, the more you’ll find.
- Combine your Spirit Powers to create new outcomes; play with gravity and timing to make time and space collide!
- There are lots of ways to solve puzzles, and to look at the world around you. Don’t be afraid to get creative—perspective is everything.

Shifting Seasons:
- Travel through all the seasons of Nomori! Explore 4 unique domains, each with its own new environment, puzzle mechanics and cast of Spirits.
- Use Kiko’s Spirit Powers to master every season, and to bridge the shattered islands of the Spirit World together.
- Backtrack through levels with new Spirit Powers to see and navigate them through a brand new lens.

About Developer

We are Enchanted Works a young indie studio with 5 founders from the Netherlands. In our final year of university, we looked each other deep in the eyes and asked each of us what we want to do after we graduate. We independently decided we wanted to start an Indie studio. At that point, we already enjoyed making games together during university for several years. So in April of 2022, we officially started our company Enchanted Works. And we have been sailing ever since closing in on 2 years as a studio. We have been part-time working on our current project for over 4 years now. This as our current project has gone through several iterations during university. In a way, we believe that given each of our team member's unique backgrounds, Nomori is the best game we can develop as a studio right. It allows each of our expertise the flourish and to create something truly unique. Enchanted Works aims to make interactive entertainment that challenges the medium and leaves long-lasting positive experiences for the player. We Challenge, Enchanted and Evoke Wonder.

As a European-based studio that has presented its project at several events in Europe and abroad we keep running into other passionate studios working on amazing games. The events being: Gamescom, GDC, INDIGO, UNWRAP, Global Top Rounds, Pocket Game Connects, European Gamesshowcase and Courage. From that, we know a lot of other European Indie Studios and associations that cater to their national gaming industries. We are one of the incubators at the Dutch Game Garden and are members of the Dutch Game Association.