Project Introduction

Every single part of the level can be pushed around by your attacks. Predict your opponents' movements to either crush them between blocks or to throw them off the screen. Intuitive, accessible, and deliciously brutal!
Each block comes with its own special powers and behavior. The more you play, the better you'll become at combining them to create mad traps and outplay your opponents.

Up to 4 players, local and online, solo training modes:
Online, you can fight against random opponents or host your own casual games to play with your friends. Enjoy a smooth brawling experience thanks to rollback technology (lag compensation system).
If you'd rather fancy a delightful evening of friendship ruining chaos, just gather up to 4 players to fight on the same screen.

Pick your character, master their powers:
Choose between a diverse cast of vibrant and original characters, who each got their own moveset and abilities. Learn to master their strengths and weakenesses to shine on the battlefield!

Enter the competitive scene and become a legend:
Participate in the competitive scene through ranked matchs. Level up your ranks and grind your way to the top of our leaderboards! Every new season is filled with unique rewards and a new playable character.

Easy to play, fun to master:
Ninza is easy to play, but don't be fooled, there's a lot of spectacular and creative moves you can pull out if you're up to the task. The game offers plenty of options to help you improve in solo mode and to become a pro in no time: videos, tutorials, practice mode, or even trials. Your journey to the top is already laid out!

A big collection of unlockable cosmetics:
Take on the challenges of the Mo0n to unlock more than 200 unique cosmetics to show off your style and skill. Choose from a wide selection of wacky in-game taunts and express yourself with a profile customisation system that offers a ton of possibilities.

A Free to play game but with a no bullshit strict policy:
No pay-to-win. DLCs are cheap and limited to new characters and access to some very specific cosmetics only. Basically, it's a no to annoying and intrusive microtransactions because, we all hate that.

The Mo0n:
Floating up in the sky, observing every one of your moves, and offering highly judgmental commentary on them. Also, it's essential to know that the Mo0n is everything.

About Developer

The beginning
The deep root of our duo as mad game creators started with a battle of bolognese sauce on the roof of a house, under moonlight. Since then, we've been continuously trying to share with the world our inner fires and thirst for cute chaos. Sometimes we painted flowers on a trashbag and took it to te beach and some other times we created games.

After that
At the some point, we earned some skill while working through our personal and obscure projects. The stars aligned and the Mo0n whispered to us. We finally got a great idea for an awesome game. For once, we felt like our project could be enjoyable for more people than ourselves. We took a very early prototype to a video game festival in France in order to collect feedbacks. Those were astonishingly good. Since then, we decided to grow up a little, but not too much.