Content Warnings

It has cartoon violence.

Project Introduction

Venture deep into the Neverlooted Dungeon in search of its legendary treasure, and face its treacherous, deadly traps. Using your creativity and magical items in a highly interactive physics-based world, find your own ways to outsmart the dangers, and be the first to uncover its darkest secrets.

- Be a Fearless Dungeon Raider
Delve into the dark and claustrophobic depths of a treacherous mega dungeon where every step could be your last, and where caution and wits are key to survival. Navigate through the remnants of past looters, face deadly traps, defeat lurking monsters, discover hidden chambers, loot forgotten treasures, and uncover the dungeon's deepest, darkest secrets.

- Unleash Your Creativity in a Fully Interactive Physics-Based World
Find your own creative ways to overcome dangers and open challenges in a deeply immersive and interactive world, featuring physics-based traps and interactions, water physics, fire propagation, and versatile magical items. Stack crates on spikes, block saws with severed limbs, throw pumpkins at levers, makes floating bridges with tables, kick everything, or burn the dungeon to the ground - the choice is yours.

- Explore Intricate Non-Linear Levels
Explore a great variety of meticulously handcrafted, intricate, and non-linear levels, with multiple paths to choose from, secret areas to be discovered, and multiple treasures to be found.

- Master the Art of Trap Evasion
Stay alert for ingeniously deadly traps, ranging from simple hidden pits to epic trap chambers, in a tense and slow-paced, almost stealth-like experience. To survive, pay attention to details and sharpen your senses, as each trap can be detected, outsmarted, or even used against foes. Watch your steps, don't touch anything, and embrace the paranoia.

- Customize Your Abilities with a Large Arsenal of Magic Items
Acquire powerful and versatile magical items to customize your abilities and develop your own style of play, whether you're a careful explorer, an outstanding acrobat, a silent assassin, a dangerous war mage, a reckless fighter, or something else. From items like rope arrows, rock creation wand, flamethrower, rat-summoning flute, double jump boots, force belt, dead leaf ring, and much more, explore a vast array of possibilities.

- Deeply Immersive and Atmospheric
Discover a deeply atmospheric and immersive dystopian dark fantasy world, combining meticulously crafted sound design with a neo-retro visual style that blends the charm of early 2000s graphics with modern enhancements.

- Defeat Lurking Monsters ...
Spot lurking monsters before they spot you, and face them in strategic, slow-paced combat, choosing from a wide range of approaches. To defeat them, move, dodge, block, dash, jump, use your magic equipment, and use the environment to your advantage.

- ... Or Be Like a Silent Shadow
Hide in the shadows and move silently to avoid detection from monsters that can can see, hear, and smell. Distract them with noise, lure them with bait into traps, or kick them into a pit from the shadows.

- Dying is Part of the Journey
Continue the journey as a new dungeon raider, loot your previous corpse and use it to your advantage to progress even further.

About Developer

I'm a solo developer from Grenoble. I have a Ph.D. in computer graphics, my thesis was about procedural modeling of virtual worlds. I left the academic to focus on my dream: creating PC games inspired by classics like Thief & Arx Fatalis, with a great atmosphere and a huge freedom of action.
Neverlooted Dungeon is my first game and I have been working on it for 9 years.
I'm the founder of a game dev community, GrenobleGameDev, that aims to connect all game devs from my region.