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Project Introduction

Need For Cheese might look small but it's a huge undertaking for us, and should aim to provide countless hours of fun for the players with different classes and replayability, where you play as one of four super mutant rats.
The game features procedural dungeons, encounters and events, skill trees and upgrades, deep itemization, inventory management, 100s of different monsters, dozens of boss fights, exploration and a weird open world spread across 3 acts.

Your goal is to figure out what's happening and defeat the final boss called Mother - The Prime Creator.

Each character class has a unique skill tree, with 3 skills being equip-able to actively use, unique set of 4 equip-able weapons with each weapon having 4 different active secondary skills. So you essentially have up to 15 active skills to use at any time, with a bit of tinkering.

NFC is meant to be played fast as it feels like a top-down fast paced isometric shooter, with a whole bunch of loot slapped on top:). It features WASD movement and twin-stick mechanics as opposed to more traditional arpgs which are mostly played with click-to-move mechanics.

The game will feature unique endgame activities, when the campaign is finished - where players will be able to try different kinds of dungeon runs, unlock "rougelike" type rewards and mix and match things on top of their endgame character build, as if combining Vampire Survivors with your endgame Diablo build, per dungeon run with a separate experience bar which is instance based, and resets after you finish the run.

More Info: Creating "Need For Cheese" has been a labor of love for us at GREEN GOO GAMES. Our intentions with this game go beyond merely developing an entertaining experience; we aim to craft a world that resonates with players on multiple levels.

At its core, "Need For Cheese" is a culmination of our passion for gaming and desire to create something unique and memorable. Drawing from our extensive industry experience, we built a game that combines elements of action RPGs with fast-paced combat and procedural generation. But more than that, we wanted to infuse the game with a sense of wonder and discovery, inviting players to explore its handcrafted world and uncover its secrets.

One of our primary goals with "Need For Cheese" is to foster a strong sense of community engagement. We view demo and early access as an opportunity to involve players in the development process, gathering feedback and iterating on the game to deliver an experience that truly resonates with our fanbase. We want players to feel like collaborators in creating something special rather than just consumers.

Creatively, we aimed to blend familiar mechanics with innovative twists, such as the twin-stick controls in a top-down shooter setting and the unique endgame activities that offer a fresh take on post-campaign content. Additionally, we ensured that each aspect of the game, from the classes and skill trees to the procedural dungeons and boss fights, contributes to a cohesive and immersive experience.

Our game, "Need For Cheese," reflects our commitment to quality, creativity, and community. It represents who we are and our dedication to delivering games that resonate with players.

Our blend of action RPG mechanics with fast-paced twin-stick shooter gameplay offers a fresh and dynamic approach to the genre. Players can now enjoy an immersive experience that combines strategic decision-making with fast-paced combat.

The procedural generation of dungeons, encounters, and events ensures that no two playthroughs are ever the same. This dynamic approach to level design not only enhances replayability but also keeps players engaged and excited as they explore the strange and dark world of "Need For Cheese."

Our emphasis on handcrafted world-building and deep itemization systems adds depth and richness to the player experience. From the unique classes and skill trees to the hundreds of different monsters and dozens of boss fights every aspect of "Need For Cheese" has been meticulously designed to offer players a truly immersive and engaging adventure.

About Developer

Green Goo Games is a small GameDev Studio based in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. We are truly passionate and dedicated individuals and we're having fun converting our overly ambitious nature and 12+ years of experience into Need For Cheese.