Project Introduction

Necro Story is a single-player RPG with a monster-capture feature and a huge part of customization.

While following the lighthearted story of Jaimus and Vivi on their way to the Underworld, you will have to use your Necromancer powers to capture the souls of your enemies. However, the souls will try to reach the sky as soon as their body dies. You have to be fast to catch them. Absorbing the souls allows you to materialise a soul vessel, which in turn allows you to capture your enemies and take them into your team.
Choose your teammates wisely and form a team of up to 6 members. That number can go up to 9 if you summon undead creatures, skeletons and zombies.

On your way to the Underworld (and in it, later on), you’ll have to fight many enemies. Combats are real time, but you only control the Necromancer. The other members of your team are controlled by the AI. However, you can decide which of their skills they will use in which situation in a dedicated screen, giving you control over your other characters’ actions.
Choose the spells you want to use for this combat. You can choose from 4 to 6 spells depending on the stage of the game you are in (early game/late game). Spells are from one of 5 Magic Schools: Affliction, Darkness, Life Steal, Summoning and Dark Pacts. Cast them on the enemies and try to make the best of your allies actions, in order to beat the enemy team. For example, don’t cast a high damage spell on a nearly dead enemy who can easily be killed by your teammates on their next attack. Try to not use too much mana, as it doesn’t fill up between combats. Try to find the right balance between your spells and your allies’ actions. If you happen to run out of mana, you can also throw melee attacks, which will spawn mana fragments. Catching these fragments will give you a bunch of mana points.

Every time an enemy dies, his soul will try to reach the Underworld. Try to catch it to have a chance to add that enemy into your team and have it fight for you. All the enemies seen and captured can be reviewed in the Bestiary.
While exploring the world, you may encounter special towers in which you will have to defeat a demon. By beating it, you will sign a Dark Pact with that demon, allowing you to transform into that demon in combat. Try to not miss any chests in order to find the 100 unique items the game has to offer.

The story will bring you to the deepness of Hell. Discover the mysteries of the underworld and find out what happened to humanity in order to save it in this story that will take you down to hell.

About Developer

Rablo Games is an independent Belgian video game studio founded in 2014 by Pablo Coma. We use a distinctive 2D art style and try to offer something truly unique with each of our games.
Healer’s Quest, the company’s first game, was released in April 2018. It was solo-developed by Pablo Coma in his spare time using Construct 2.
Necro Story was started by Pablo shortly after the release of Healer’s Quest. However, in January 2019, he joined Appeal Studio as a game designer and game director on Outcast – A New Beginning. There he reunites with Baptiste, with whom he did a Game Jam in 2014. They decided to work together and restart the development of Necro Story in Unity.
After more than 4 years of collaboration and 6 years of total development, Necro Story is scheduled for release in September 2024.