Project Introduction

My Little Life is a life simulator that lives on the bottom of your screen, allowing you to focus on other tasks while periodically checking on your own little person.

Build and decorate their home at the bottom of your screen:
Order new items for your little person, watch them get excited when they are delivered to their doorstep. Unlock and order hundreds of different items that make their house feel like a home.

Unlock careers:
Unlock new careers and place items to help your little person increase their relevant skills. Your little person could become a farmer, a streamer, a hacker, and many more options.

The better they are at your chosen career, the bigger the paycheck will be to spend on expanding and customizing their home.

Customize your little person, choose how they look, what they wear and even tweak their personality traits.

Watch as they live out their own lives:
My Little Life is built to be non-intrusive, with no loud popups or distracting events that need to be acted on immediately. This allows you to focus on other tasks while your little person lives their life automatically.

My little life can also be minimized to a tiny strip of 112pixels, for when you really need to go focus-mode.

About Developer

Solo developer out of the UK.
Working hard to make interesting and innovative titles that stand out.

I'm blessed to have a couple successful projects under my belt. Allowing me to continue doing what I love.