Content Warnings

Motördoom features pixel blood and gore with PSone style graphics.

Project Introduction

Motördoom is a freestyle-sports roguelite horde shooter that combines high octane, visceral combat with fluid movement and trick mechanics. Perform gnarly tricks while defeating grotesque monsters and upgrade your character with demonic offerings to become ever more powerful.

Roguelite Horde Shooter:
Combine your trick combo with kills to earn even more points. Once you land your combo, gain experience points as high as the combo score. Earn enough points and you'll be given the choice of one of three random Demonic Offerings. These upgrades grant you more power to defeat the ever growing horde of grotesque monsters. So jump up in the air, slow down time and shoot these demonic abominations!

The Upgrades:
Upgrades are called Demonic Offerings. Demonic Offerings come in the form of cards. Build your deck by choosing the right cards for your build. Unlock new cards for later runs to be prepared for the horrors Motördoom has to offer.

The Trick System:
Ride your chainsaw driven pit bike through a monster filled arena! Perform gnarly tricks like flips, grabs, grinds and manuals and combine them all into the sickest combo the underworld has ever seen. This arcade freestyle sports game should feel very familiar to anyone who ever played any of the THPS games in the past. Find your own style and do the tricks that you want.

Unlock Characters:
Choose from different characters and bikes that suite your play style. Unlock new characters with scrap you collect in runs. Each character has it's unique weapon and play style. Choose which one suits your style the best.

Unlock and equip different bike Add-Ons to aid you in your run. Create different builds that suit your play style.
How about a chainsaw that tears through your enemies?

About Developer

My name is Chris and I'm a Solo Game Developer based in Switzerland.
I release my own games under "Hobo Cat Games" where i released my first game Hobo Cat Adventures in 2021. Now I'm working on Motördoom, a Tony Hawks Pro Skater inspired Roguelite Horde Shooter.

Next to working on my own games I'm working in a small Game Dev Company called Arch Level. We work at the Swiss Game Hub in Zurich. A co-working space for swiss indie developer teams.