Content Warnings


Project Introduction

Morgan: Metal Detective offers players an opportunity to relax, explore and experience that childlike sense of wonder as they skip around the Cornish island of Glasden. We love playing cosy games to help unwind, Morgan has been designed for the same purpose. Players can traverse the island at their own pace, steadily solving the mystery your Grandpa couldn’t. Players will enjoy this opportunity to kick back.

Each of the residents of Glasden has objects they have lost, and Morgan must search the island with her metal detector to find these lost treasures. Each of these quests asks the player to engage and really think about the potential location of the lost item. On returning, each of these characters rewards Morgan with a unique cassette tape which the player can listen to whilst they are exploring. This music and the detailed audio soundscape throughout Glasden helps to place players in this magical environment. Players can lose themselves in the quests and lovely audio.

A key drive for us when developing the game was to focus on player expression. As players explore the island using their trusty metal detector, they will find many types of items hidden underground. Players can take these items to Cenna’s shop, exchange them for credits and purchase new sticker packs and film for their instant camera. The player can then decorate their journal with these stickers and the photos they have taken. Every single player will feel uniquely connected to how they have chosen to decorate their journal. Players can express themselves in the form of the in-game journal.

We are aiming for a high standard of quality across all platform releases. The game features high quality character animations, a brilliant original score and fantastic voice acting, featuring BAFTA nominated Charlotte McBurney as the titular Morgan, who voices Amicia in the Plague Tale series of games. Game pass subscribers will appreciate playing a high quality indie release.

About Developer

We are game designer/developer/artists based in London. We’re on a mission to create enriching, beautiful PC and console games that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

It was critical to us that the game’s characters reflect a diverse, queer, flourishing British culture. The voice actors selected are all originally from a range of west-country, London and northern locations. Lastly, our main, playable character Morgan is a helpful and driven young woman who has the drive and courage to explore the landscape with her metal detector.