Content Warnings

There might be one or two swear words, and while violence is not depicted, it might be hinted at by the characters in the game.

Project Introduction

Mops & Mobs is a Dungeon Novel, i.e. a mix of Dungeon Crawler and Visual Novel. While the actual gameplay is still in development and might change and get expanded, the main game loop consists of talking to various characters in a dungeon, just as you know them from classic Dungeon Crawlers like Eye of the Beholder. Even the movement of the player is the same - walking on a grid, only rotating 90 degrees.

We also try to add new and unusual things; for example, as your job is not fighting monsters, but taking care of them, you can (and sometimes have to) decorate rooms and hallways with furniture, carpets, maybe nice pictures.

The game's story is also not finished yet, but the premise is as follows: the player takes a job as janitor to get into a specific underground dungeon. The dungeon itself is led by an incompetent and somewhat annoying dungeon master named Mondar Trogg. Trogg commands you around, and soon you get access to more and more areas; you learn that the dungeon is in a sorrow state and a lot of the inhabitants are unhappy. This is your chance to improve the situation - but also find the object of your actual desire: the artifact that is said to be hidden deep in the caves and halls of this dungeon, and which will fulfill your destiny!

About Developer

Rat King Entertainment is a small game dev company founded 2011 in Halle (Saale), Germany, consisting of Friedrich Hanisch and Jana Reinhardt. They like to make colourful and unusual games and experiment with game mechanics, like they did with their award-winning title TRI: Of Friendship and Madness (2014). This is also why they love to participate in various online and offline game jams.

Jana and Friedrich are connected to the German and European indie games scenes thanks to various festivals and exhibitions. In the past they were part of the Indie Megabooth at the Gamescom in Cologne, but also showcased games at other shows, like the EGX Rezzed (in Birmingham and London) or at the Game Arena in Poznan. They are regular guests at the A MAZE in Berlin and are well connected with the Berlin indie scene. Jana regularly is juror for the German Computer Game Award, and Friedrich now and then teaches game design and game programming, for example at the Burg Giebichenstein in Halle or at the Hochschule Harz in Wernigerode. Both members of Rat King hosted game jams online and offline for various occasions, for example at the HTWK in Leipzig for the Global Game Jam, and did game design workshops, for example for the Goethe Institute in Salvador, Brasil.