Project Introduction

Play as an astrogeologist sent on a mission to the moon to uncover mysterious cosmic material for building wormholes. The research task is interrupted when contact with the Earth base is lost, leaving you alone with your onboard robot. Bond with your robot companion while facing attacks from unknown humanoid machines. Willing to find answers about the possible dangers, explore the vast landscapes of different planets, and halt the ongoing alien expansion.

- Fast-paced FPS combat with 11 different weapons, attachments, and combat abilities.
- Exploration using multiple vehicles: spaceships, lunar rovers, RC cars, and submarines.
- Environmental puzzles.
- Jumping into a black hole.

Inspiration for the game
- Half-life 2 - old-school linear shooter experience with a rich story.
- Interstellar movie - sci-fi setting of the near future and story theme.
- Firewatch - storytelling and relation with a cute robot named Toby (Technical-Overseer-Bionically-Improved)

About Developer

It started 2 years ago as a solo hobby project. I went all in, quit my regular job, invested all my savings, and got a publisher. Today, we are a professional team of 15 passionate gamers. 5 of us work full-time from Poland, and the rest of us work part-time from Poland, Germany, USA, Philippines.