Project Introduction

Miramixi Storyteller is an innovative role-playing game that goes beyond the conventions of traditional games in this genre. We offer our players the opportunity to create their own worlds and stories, which can be played with friends or showcased in a marketplace for other gamers. During the prototype development, we drew inspiration from the Dungeon and Dragons (D&D) and other similar communities, known for actively producing their own concepts and sharing them with others. This community includes countless individuals passionate about engaging in gaming initiatives like Miramixi Storyteller.

We provide multiple game modes designed to bridge the gap between experienced tabletop role-playing gamers and newcomers eager to explore this genre. This addresses a significant challenge faced by games like D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and others. What sets our product apart is that we also introduce our own narratives created by the Gamirare team.

Storytellers, the game masters, have complete freedom to customize and control the game. Such players act as narrators of their worlds, injecting unique narrative aspects, creating intriguing characters, and evolving the story through interaction with other participants in the game. Constructing game locations is a crucial part of this process, allowing players to shape landscapes, rivers, waterfalls, cities, and even alter their conditions, such as turning them into ruins if the story demands it. Every item, and most importantly, loot for adventurers, can be managed by the Storyteller. After creating the necessary location, the Storyteller can invite players who wish to participate in real-time actions, controlling Non-Player Characters (NPCs), and initiating or altering events as they unfold.

In situations where a player is not ready to become a Game Master, we offer pre-designed worlds created by our team. In these pre-made campaigns, players navigate through a storyline and interact with NPCs, resembling classic RPG games. However, with the use of our internal Storyteller Mode, the creation of such game campaigns is accelerated, and it opens opportunities for cooperation with diverse franchises and settings. Players have access to a single platform where campaigns cater to various tastes, including futuristic, medieval, detective, steampunk, and many other popular settings.

For some game campaigns, unique models, sounds, or effects may be required, which can be uploaded to the marketplace. Since everything is integrated into one system, this marketplace also accommodates full-fledged game campaigns, encouraging content creators to share their works, worlds, and ideas with a broad audience.

About Developer

Gamirare is Ukrainian team consists of more than 40 specialists who have turned ambitious ideas into reality and continue to work on new milestones. We have assembled people who not only love games but also possess unique expertise.