Project Introduction

Each mini adventure has it’s own unique art style, gameplay and story. The experience is slightly odd, mysterious and emotional.

The different art styles are inspired by graphic novels, animated shorts and picture books. The gameplay is point-and-click, however in one game you’ll explore an overgrown house in 3rd person, in another you’ll control hands to build a piece of furniture, and at other times you will help characters form a parade. All stories are seen from the perspective of children and have darker undercurrents of mystery, loneliness and loss.

The four mini adventures:

Familiar: A family tries to assemble a piece of furniture, but as tension rises the cabinet seems to come alive.

The Paludarium: A boy is left home alone with his pet lizard when nature suddenly starts spilling in.

The Last Sand Castle: The little people lives in a fragile home and needs help to form a musical parade before it’s too late.

Night Hunt: A girl embarks on a journey to find her missing mom. However, when found, she seems to have settled into a new home.

About Developer

We are a small indie studio based in Copenhagen that focuses on experimental story-driven games. :) We are all from different corners of Europe, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Italy... Initially we all met in Copenhagen but now the team is fully remote.