Content Warnings

Use of alcohol, references to depression and mental illness.

Project Introduction

-Restore broken memories-
Every memory you investigate is missing a key detail. Anything could be the solution. Fill out the correct detail to reveal more of the past.

-Challenging deduction-
Every solution is logical, but not obvious. You'll need the right clues to deduce the truth. Listen to private conversations. Inspect small details. Slow down and engage your mind to make the right connections.

-Dive into a mind-
Mind Divers explore Mind Oceans to help people remember. Swim through fantastical mindscapes. Find answers buried in the mind to solve the overarching case. Pass your findings to a Technician outside the mind to progress your case.

-Heartbreaking tragedy-
A couple deeply in love have both broken down. Lina is losing her memories, Sebastian has disappeared. A disturbing party seems to cover up something else. And a dark tragedy is buried deep in Lina's mind - in the part of her mind named Guilt.

Can you solve the case, Diver?

About Developer

We're five curious game devs who love mysteries and discoveries. We wear Indoor Sunglasses so that no one can see us cry. Our games make people ask questions and solve harder problems than they thought possible.

We met through making the earliest school version of Mind Diver, a detective game based on our heartbreaks. It was nominated as Best Student Game at IGF 2023. We set out to make a grander Mind Diver that could make anyone feel smart and feel seen.

Hopefully we'll get to make many more mysterious games in the future.