Content Warnings

I think it depends on each country separately but I believe my game is 16+ game. It has deep dark and dramatic plot in a Lovecraft inspired world. The game raises the question of what role a specific person plays in a world where true evil exists. How morally wounded individuals can consciously or unconsciously influence events in this world. Fight their fears. And what is the price of mistakes. The game by itself doesn't contain any radical things like gore, or drugs, or anything like that. But contain inventory ites such as alcohol or smoking. Horror aspect is more world-required aspect rather that a mechanics like screamers, etc.

Project Introduction

Roguelike deckbuilders usually doesn't has plot. I has a dramatic, "cosmic" plot with misteries. I plaied dozen of games of this genre but I felt like it may be improved. So I decided to take the best features I liked there and to add some fresh air and new ideas. Such as:
1) Allies and summon (your hero is not alone in his/her journey)
2) Improved card-based travel mechanics. I think travel mechanics should be deeper that just pick 1 of 2 way where to go.
3) The more you use card the faster it upgrades. Cards also has different options to upgrade
4) Game has a plot with cutscenes. You know for sure what is happening and why.
5) You can upgrade you base(hub) to make you next journeys easier.
6) Except for HP you should manage you sanity. Losing sanity is also a game over.
7) Plenty of encounters may appeare during the journey. Each option leads to different results. If you already selected specific option you may see the result in advance.
8) Global mystery solving mechanics (which is currently not presented in a game)
9) Starting decks. Each character has 8 different decks to start with. Player may choose between them to make the start of the game more customized.
10) Abilities. Each character has it's own basic ability which requires insight points to use. But players may also upgrade them and get new abilities during the game
11) 3 types of inventory items: consumables, relics and equipment which allow to customize the character and add more variety

About Developer

I'm a solo indie developer from Ukraine. I dreamed to develop games from the childhood. I work in gamedev industry for 7+ years. I'm artist generalist. I worked as 2d artist, 3d artist and I'm also former coder which allows me to implement games pretty easily. I developed simple games on visual basic since about 11-12 years old age. Now I'm 33. I have a twin brother who is also fan of developing games. And now I have 2 hobbies: play games and develop games. But game development is my hobby #1.