Project Introduction

In Magic Inn, the player's goal is not merely to build the largest inn or to amass the greatest wealth. Instead, inspired by the real-world hospitality industry, players are encouraged to offer the warmest and most personalized service to each guest. Every guest is depicted as a real individual within this world, and every player interaction with them is crucial. Poor service may deter a guest from returning, whereas exceptional service will transform them into loyal customers, fostering a relationship that can be nurtured over time. As players progress, they develop a network of relationships, supporting and being supported by their friends. Our design emphasizes the empowerment that comes from human connections with the guests, making players feel deeply integrated into this world.

Furthermore, Magic Inn's stylized art is designed to evoke a cozy atmosphere, aligning with the positive experience we aim to deliver. Players have the freedom to customize their character and inn to their heart's content, with options ranging from medieval style to magical furnishings. The magical setting allows us to create unique characters like a sassy magical broom, and plants like glow-in-the-dark vines that the player can grow.

About Developer

My name is Xiao Tan, the founder of Purpledoor Studios. After over seven years as an engineer in the tech industry in the USA, I embraced my lifelong passion for gaming by establishing Purpledoor Studios in the heart of Europe—Prague, Czech Republic. This vibrant city's rich history and culture significantly influence the worlds we create, as seen in our debut game, "Magic Inn," which features settings inspired by iconic Prague landmarks like the old town square.

At Purpledoor Studios, I lead a team of five extraordinarily talented individuals, each new to the game development industry but united by a shared enthusiasm for crafting immersive, interactive experiences. Together, we are dedicated to building games that offer unique and individual stories for each player. Our passion for systemic games ensures that each session is unique, providing a narrative depth and replayability that set our projects apart from traditional media.

Our vision extends beyond just game development; we aim to contribute to the European indie games scene by infusing our projects with a distinct sense of place and narrative innovation, drawing inspiration from the streets of Prague to the broader European context. "Magic Inn" is not just a game; it's an invitation to experience the magic of Prague through every playthrough, resonating with players who appreciate rich storytelling and strategic gameplay.