Project Introduction

Mafia Infiltration is a single player blend of turn-based strategy and social deduction games, featuring emergent narratives and high replayability, primarily for the PC.

The player takes on the role of an undercover investigator who becomes a member of a criminal organization in order to destroy it from within - without being exposed in the process.

To do this, they must discover and deduce the unique combination of traits and relationships of the other computer-controlled mafia members, then use this information to manipulate, convict or play them off against each other.

In the process, they slowly climb up the hierarchy, with the ultimate goal of bringing down the boss himself.

About Developer

Narreme Works was founded by Nikolai Hilz and Glen Pawley in Munich, Germany as a business sequel to their collaboration on Glen’s previous game Star Dynasties, a grand strategy title with strong focus on narratives and interpersonal drama, released in 2021.

Our mission is to collaborate with players across space and time to create unique and deeply personal stories.