Content Warnings

We don't believe there is any dangerous content or that it will bother anyone.

Project Introduction

Welcome to Luminaria Dark Echoes, the exciting action and role-playing roguelike game that fuses the intensity of Vampire Survivors with the strategic depth of Dark Souls!

You'll plunge into a thrilling odyssey to battle the growing darkness and face terrifying bosses. Armed with light-powered weapons, you'll unravel dark secrets and overcome epic challenges in a steampunk world full of mysteries.

Do you feel ready to embark on a journey full of light and adventure?

In an alternate universe where the Industrial Revolution took a bleak turn and light became a scarce treasure, a world war has left humanity on the brink of extinction. However, among the ruins, a few brave survivors resist. Now, a dark entity emerges, corrupting souls and plunging the world into deep darkness.

Are you willing to challenge the darkness in this alternate world?

In the expansive world of Luminaria, choose your paths and define your destiny.
Each phase, a unique chapter, where light guides your path in the changing darkness of the steampunk world.

The light shall be your guide

Evolve with new and powerful abilities as you progress.
Acquire spells, increase your strength, stamina and speed to become a master of light.

Develop your luminous skills!

Immerse yourself in an exciting game mode where collaboration is key to survival! Team up with your teammates to face challenges and rally your friends to defeat the fearsome Boss!

Together against the challenge!

2D action, role-playing and roguelike adventure.
Explore a vast, interconnected world, shrouded in shadows and excitement around every corner.

Powerful Equipment Customization
Upgrade your skills with every choice in the store.
Find weapons that harness light, from glow sticks to solar flamethrowers.
Epic battles against the Darkness.
Face a wide variety of twisted enemies and ancient corrupted automatons.
Challenge epic bosses, each with unique tactics and impressive dark abilities that will test your bravery.

About Developer

We are a studio with 2 years of experience based in Seville, Spain. We began by developing casual mobile games and later made the leap to a turn-based RPG encompassing all the mythologies of the world, called "Entia". This project is currently on hold, and we've decided to start Luminaria to publish our game on all possible platforms. We differentiate ourselves by having a team with many 2D artists and by creating all our art completely by hand and uniquely. In addition, we place great emphasis on local cooperative play, an incredible mechanic that we believe has been lost and that we at Enthariel Games are determined to bring back in all our games. Luminaria: Dark Echoes features local cooperative play for up to 4 players on the same screen!