Content Warnings

The main theme of our game is war, we want to bring this theme to the screen without making it banal by dividing everything into good and evil, we want to create something that can be realistic.

Project Introduction

Lost Dawn: The King, The Bear & The Knight is a turn-based strategy game that combines the aesthetic beauty of Disney's Sleeping Beauty with the captivating gameplay of Fire Embelm and Triangle Strategy!
The game presents itself as a series of diaries written by the commanders of the three sides which will open up to the player as if they were pop-up books. Events will follow one another on the chessboard as if they were told in the pages of diaries. The player will have the opportunity to build each army as he sees fit and will be able to manage it in order to lead it to victory over the other factions.
The plot is based on wanting to tell a war between two kingdoms for survival, we don't want to make one kingdom bad and one good, as each has their own motivations and truths that are right for them. In the shadows, however, a third faction is plotting which will try to move the threads of the war to send it where they want.

These are our fundamental points:
A compelling and complex story that speaks in a serious way of the theme of war and how every side lives it!
A very strong and super recognizable artistic style that is directly inspired by the Disney 2D animation of the 50s.
The ability to manage and command your own army to cope with difficulties with your own strategy!

About Developer

Primesoft Games is an independent Italian software house, founded in 2015 by three friends who have always loved the world of video games. Our goal is to create games that can become modern fairy tales, and that can accompany players with our stories and our style. What we want is to recall the sensations and emotions of when we played as children sitting on the sofa. Our team is made up of professionals who have worked in the video game field for years, and have acquired strong experience in the fields of game design, art and programming. All this, and more, only to be able to have the best to create the fairy tales we want to bring you!