Content Warnings

There is nothing prohibited or harsh in the game, a classic space shooter without blood and gore.

Project Introduction

What to expect from the game
-Construct a spaceship:
-Dozens of parts to form the structure of the spaceship
-Dozens of modules with different functions and purposes
-Constructor between levels for development using previously extracted resources

Fight with enemies:
-Different types of damage and resistance to them
-Different accumulated statuses when receiving damage that have consequences
-Various types of guns of different calibers for increased firepower. Ability to customize ammunition to suit the situation.
-Hordes of different enemies with different sets of random modifications
-Battle with enemies that may turn out to be the same spaceships as you

-The ability to move, non-standard for the genre, is based on mass (inertia) and thrust force with torque relative to the center of mass, close to the real laws of physics

-Ability to flexibly adjust the difficulty level at the beginning

About Developer

Hello, my name is Sasha. I am Java backend software engineer with more than 12 years experience. Despite my main profession, I always dreamed of creating games and that my hobby would one day grow into something more. Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, I decided to distract myself with something new in my free time, so I returned to my childhood dream :)