Content Warnings

psychological / body horror

Project Introduction


- Setting.
- A combination of two horror styles.
- New mechanics with moving scenery.
- Musical accompaniment for each action in the style of dark fairy tales.
- The game is not trying to scare the puppet, as it usually happens in platformers, but you, that is, the viewer of the show.


The game doesn't hold your hand, making the same puzzle more challenging. In each room, you have to re-analyze the logic from scratch.
Boss fights. Not with monsters and dragons, but with a Ferris wheel, pipes and, for example, a jaw. You will have to avoid death from the pipe by means of platforming and moving the scenery.
Puzzles. They are the main part of the game. You have to move and swap the scenery. You can move them away to visually reduce objects and use them in a different way. Or flip the whole scene to walk across the ceiling, if it makes you feel more comfortable...


As the story progresses, the narrative style changes. From the fabulous Tim Burton, to the terrifying, body horror Junji Ito. It's like being the hero of an animated film created in their collaboration.
The puppeteer, like any artist, is very dependent on the opinion of the audience and therefore constantly monitors your reaction. He is also very playful and can show you the finger or make a joke by sticking a cockroach in your ear or breaking the stage for a minute's fun.
In general, you have to endure the constant appearance of the puppeteer. But do not forget about the scenery, they also have eyes.


Every action is accompanied by playing classical instruments. Basically, these are darkly fabulous motifs, similar to those that can be heard in the works of Tim Burton. And during the really frightening scenes, it turns into a chaotic play past the notes, for example, on the saxophone.

About Developer

I'm making a game that I didn't find as a player. I'm a big fan of Limbo-like games. And I really believe that my game will bring a lot of new things to the genre.