Content Warnings

Game is made for all audience

Project Introduction

Learn to manipulate over 100 electric blocs to tackle various logic brainteasers, from machine repair, to bomb diffusal, to robot control!
Feel the spark as you arrange blocks, push buttons and connect mechanical elements to solve 50+ logic-based puzzles.

Enrol as an engineer in Albatross Technologies. Use your logic to climb the corporate ladder and your electrical knowledge to rebel against the machine and counteract Albatross' plans one puzzle at a time.

Make Linkito’s logic yours to challenge fellow players with your most intricate puzzles in the level editor, or try other player's challenges!

Use your logic in many domains to repair machines, diffuse bombs, or control robots in challenging electrical puzzles.

- Tinker with, connect, arrange, flick or even push 100+ different types of physical blocks with satisfying mechanical feedbacks
- Uncover the truth about Albatross Technologies and rebel against the machine in an original 50s dystopian setting
- Learn about each mechanic step by step and progress through your engineering journey to unlock intricate bonus levels!
- Crank up your creativity and create your own electric puzzles with the level editor.
- Connect with reality through Twitch, Arduino and OSC integrations

About Developer

Kalinarm is a French artist and 3D engineer who founded the Kimeria Games studio.
After several years' experience in interactive cultural installations, Kalinarm has infused his passion for immersive experiences linking digital universes and the real world into his first ambitious video game, Linkito.
Inspired by new media and information theory, Linkito is a logic puzzle game based on connecting blocks and building machines, where players must solve complex problems but also build their own puzzles and share them with the community, or tinker with customizable real-life technologies (Arduino, OSC) and connect them with the game.