Project Introduction

Lindwyrm merges roguelite action RPG elements with exploration and village building. Explore a vast underground dungeon full of unknown creatures and rebuild a ruined village according to your ideas. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Lindwyrm, where danger and mystery collide. Engage in epic combat, wielding your sword to unravel enigmas within an intuitive system.

Embark on Lindwyrm's perilous journey where every defeat comes with a cost. Face the consequences of loss as it diminishes your hard-earned loot and gathered materials. Choose your path with care, for in the shadow of death, every decision carries weight. Only the resilient and brave will prevail.

Team up with friends and explore Lindwyrm's dungeons with cooperative gameplay for up to 4 players. The shared HP pool adds an extra layer of challenge – if one falls, all may perish. Form a strategy, face the unknown, and triumph together.

Unearth a diverse array of weapons and skills, providing 100% flexibility throughout your Lindwyrm adventure. From swords to mystical staffs, each weapon unlocks a unique set of skills, allowing you to craft your hero's playstyle.

Lindwyrm's dungeons are more than battlegrounds; they're laced with deadly traps, imposing barricades, and mind-bending puzzles. Conquer treacherous chasms, unlock gates sealed for decades, and navigate swinging axes as you brave the perils.

As you explore the depths, support the locals in reconstructing their village. Every advancement contributes to your hero's journey, unlocking new shops, quests, and areas that enrich Lindwyrm's immersive world.

Harness the power of ancient runes to enhance your hero's stats. Lindwyrm's rune system offers customization and improvement, adding strategic depth to your gameplay.

Story Synopsis:
Ancient monsters commanded by dragons terrorise the residents of a peaceful village when a travelling hero’s destiny crosses their path to unravel the mysteries of a long-forgotten civilisation. With a strong bond forged under the fires and sweat of a town being rebuild from the ground, the hero will not only become friends with the villagers but learn more about the dark past of this strange world he traversed into. A world, in which each decision made will have impact to not only the hero's quest but the lives of the villagers.
Lindwyrm’s use of German and European creatures and hero tales offer a change from the usual fantasy worlds and will retell the well-known and the forgotten stories.

About Developer

We are Ghostwhale Games, six passionate gaming enthusiasts with 16 years experience in developing games. Together, we succesfully worked on critically-acclaimed games like Drakensang Online or The Dark Eye - Drakensang.
We founded our Indie Gaming Studio in 2022 and we've been brought together by our love for gaming which is a vital part of us since our childhood days. Empowered by this dedication we genuinely take care of our games to give everyone their very own gaming experience. Our motto is simple yet meaningful: Your Game, Your Experience!
We've been to several gaming events e.g. CAGGTUS, Games Ground with our newest project Lindwyrm and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from other indie studios and gamers.