Project Introduction

The sunken city of Atlantis is now a site full of eerie creatures and long lost secrets. Dive into the mysterious world of Light of Atlantis and use your abilities to solve the puzzles of this ancient civilization. In this 2D puzzle metroidvania the water influences your movement as well as the behaviour of the enemies. It changes the environment and serves as a dynamic core mechanic of the game. Using various levers you can find throughout the environment, the water level can be controlled in many different ways to interact with enemies and puzzle elements in a variety of possibilities.

During your journey, you will encounter different robots that offer new perspectives with their unique abilities to help you on your way through Atlantis. Just like the water you can quickly switch between possessing a robot and dispossessing it to move your soul around the rooms. Can you uncover the events of the past and illuminate the lights of Atlantis?

About Developer

We started as a students project with 5 students and are now 3 left, trying to expand our ideas on this game. We won the German Computer Games Award for the best prototype in 2023 and are receiving a funding program to keep on working on the project.