Project Introduction

Life Not Supported is a space survival game set in orbit of a distant planet. There are no enemies such as aliens, the main threats are keeping yourself alive and nagivating various distasters (such as asteroid storms).

Tether yourself in and float into the void to gather precious resources as they drift on by. Secure air tanks to your "ship" with tape in an attempt to navigate and find different and more useful objects.

Use what you have scavenged to cobble together platforms and walls to improve the size and function of your new home. It might not look like much, but a solid structure is the difference between living and dying out here.

Fill up your Spacesuit Ingestion Pipe (SIP) Container, melt ice to quench your thirst, and take up space-botany in an attempt to survive this inhospitable vacuum you now call home. Don't forget to keep an eye on your O2 supply, there should be some spare tanks around here somewhere...

About Developer

Hi, I'm Sam Stubbings and I live in Wales (United Kingdom). Life Not Supported is my first game, it started as a student project and slowly become the early access release it is today. Not many games come out of Wales to it's nice to increase that number!