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Project Introduction

Cooperate & communicate to cook delicious dishes in this #TrulyTogetherGaming experience. Visit different countries to learn the secrets of local cuisines, upgrade your kitchen appliances and immerse yourself in a deep story about food, love and the hidden costs of freedom. Engage in split-second PvP battles or make your own kitchens in the Level Editor and share them with the community. Everyone will find a taste of their own in Let’s Cook Together 2.

Key features:
4 cuisines with a total of 250+ levels; minimum 30 hours required to beat the main storyline
Highly accessible gameplay for players of all abilities
Level Editor with cross-platform level sharing
Separate level layouts for 1, 2, 3 and 4 players
9 playable chefs with unique skills
Upgradable kitchen appliances with unlockable gameplay-changing features
Split-second battle mode (PvP)
Twitch integration - stream viewers can vote on various effects that affect the streamer’s game
Community Levels - play levels made by the community for an infinite amount of fun and challenges

About Developer

Yellow Dot is a small independent development studio based in Gdansk, Poland. We specialize in local cooperative games that can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, from seasoned players to complete newcomers. The main theme of our games is communication; the dynamics of our games change depending on who you play the game with – friends, spouses or whole families.