Content Warnings

The game contains cartoonish violence, so it might not be suitable for the youngest audiences.

Project Introduction

Take on the role of the titular Letifer, a halfspawn attempting to break her cursed destiny by taking on the demon kind, assisted by her unusual group of friends.

- Battle your way through challenging Rituals, spread across different biomes.
- Take on powerful Archdemons and show them who's the boss!
- Light up the battlefield with an upgradeable battle drone and different weapon forms!

Create your build… and own it!
- Creating the perfect build alone won’t cut it, as player skills matter such as much.
- Aim, dodge, dash and blast your way through enemies to accomplish your objectives!

Upgrades galore!
- Spend your hard earned currency and materials to make lasting upgrades to your character and gear.
- Open up new weapon forms for your Demon Gun, Anima and beef up your trusty Demon Drone, X9 through multiple upgrade options.

Stay long, or keep it short
- The length of the Rituals vary greatly, knock back a few short ones when you're in a hurry, or...
- Dive head first into the longer ones when you're ready to test your mettle.

A motley crew
- When you're not running rituals, chat up your friends in the Hub, learn their story and gain useful tips!

About Developer

Third Spirit Games is a small game development studio based in Finland, developing retro inspired videogames for PC and consoles. We are most known for our debut release "Arietta of Spirits".