Content Warnings

Humorous or cartoon violence might appear. Alcohol consumption is suggested, but not shown.

Project Introduction

Legends of Castile is a comic fantasy point-and-click adventure set in the historic Castile region of Spain in the 19th century. The main character of this adventure is María, a young and fearless, though clumsy, Castilian girl.

The story begins when, just after a long night with her friends, María has a vision of the Virgin Mary, after which she decides to become a nun. María asks to be ordained at a convent in Burgos, where her future mother superior assigns her a very important mission: To fulfill her dream, María must investigate the mythological creatures that have been appearing around the territory of Castile, and collect an item from each to prove their existence. Only once she has done this will the bishop take action against the creatures, to end their threat to the population of Castile... and Christianity.

About Developer

Indie solo developer/studio creating point & click adventure games since 2022

Legends of Castile is a European game in the way that it's about the Spain mythology, which is something tied to the European culture and it's distinctive at the same time from other games.