Project Introduction

Kritter is a top-down action and base-building game.
Playable alone or with up to 4 players online, the goal is to defend the wreckage of your spaceship against enemy hordes and amass the resources necessary to repair it.

Kritter belongs to the roguelite genre. In other words, defeat is not an end in itself, on the contrary, it is a learning process. Each game starts from the same point, but you always start again stronger and better prepared. Besides, in Kritter we don't really "die", at the fateful moment the defeat results in a return in time.

Dying makes you stronger: Glean resources from each game to guarantee a constant increase in power: the next one will be the right one!
A temporal adventure: Time is a central element of the game's narrative but also of the gameplay! Every second counts to make the right choice.
Survival is more friendly with others: Trying to resist enemy attacks
in multiplayer reveals all the flavor and strategy of the game.
A story that is discovered through trials: Always starting again without ever having the impression of seeing the same thing twice, such is the strength of storytelling.
Construction at the service of strategy: Give free rein to your imagination to create effective or... crazy defenses!

About Developer

The LJF Games adventure begins in 2020, in the middle of Covid. Bastien and Tom have been friends for over twenty years and for once they have time to accomplish one of their dreams: creating their own video game. This dream was achieved in March 2021 with the release on Steam, IOS and Android of their first game “Timo’s Adventures”, a musical runner.

They have achieved the feat of releasing a completely “homemade” game. It’s a source of pride, but also a lot of learning. With all these new skills in hand (Unity, Blender...) our three thieves had just opened Pandora's box. They immediately began developing a second game: Kritter.

A few months later, Kritter's prototype won the GameCup Booster Prize. Thus, LJF Games finds itself propelled into the Wizz incubator, in Angoulême for a year. A year so rich that today LJF Games is more than just a project between friends: it is a company that has the ambition to create quality games, create jobs and become a studio iii.