Project Introduction

A Random-Design Clicker game to get inside the developer's head! Through 10 psychedelic mini-games (Clicker, Shoot'em Up, God Game, Runner, Platform, Beat'em Up and many others) you will rule the most stupid species in the entire universe: the KRINGS! Raise, feed and protect the kring races to unlock the next ones - there are 9, will you be able to unlock them all??
Let the Universe know the story of the Lame Gods who defeated the Legendary Galactic Gods!

About Developer

The development team is represented by one person, Ivan Venturi, an experienced (i.e.: old) Italian game producer, who’s making this video game as an experiment out of pure passion, drawing everything by hand and trying to create something original and unexpected for the player. Ivan Venturi is the coordinator of the public video game accelerator Bologna Game Farm and the organizer of Svilupparty, the main indie game dev event in Italy. He was named among the 100 game changers in the industry by