Content Warnings


Project Introduction

* KreatureKind is a deckbuilder/card battler in the vein of Slay the Spire, with an approachable artstyle and easy to learn, hard to master mechanics that will fit any player - experienced as well as beginner.
* On each of your characters' turn, you simply choose the cards that best fit the current situation. The Type of card is significant, just like the effects currently active on each character, so you need to choose wisely. Some cards can also be infused with other cards, to make them stronger.
* You can have up to three characters on your side, and face up to three oponents in an encounter. Choose your team carefully, as each of the seven unlockable characters have their own unique decks with strengths as well as weaknesses.
* The story of the game is light-weight and tongue-in-cheek, and revolves around mana running out in the world. Not everyone is prepared to give up their comfortable life of magic however, which is where your motley team of activist comes in.
* As you progress through the maps, you meet increasingly advanced and powerful opponents, who you need to debate in order to convince them to use less mana. You do not kill them, you see - you simply talk to them and convince them to see your side!
* Maps are quite short, providing a forgiving take on the roguelite genre. If you don't succeed with a map, you lose the progress of that map - but can try again without anything lost but time.
* If you successfully complete a map, you gain standing with one of the seven Factions in the game - which each represent a guils of magic casters (musicians, dancers, programmers, etc - because magic is cast through creativity). Once you gain full approval of all seven factions, you have successfully saved magic!
* Characters are improved by gathering Clout, which you can use to upgrade and unlock new cards, as well as unlocking Plushies. The latter work a bit like Artifacts in similar games, in that they give a specific boost to the character who is holding onto it.
* As the player goes along, they will also come across random encounters on the map, thorugh which the player can choose between different rewards and other outcomes.

About Developer

My name is Anna or Anaka, and I'm a solo developer working from Stockholm, Sweden - but I have to mention that I do work with freelancers. The art in particular is to a large degree made by people more talented than me.

I've been working with games since 2011 - first full-time job was as a QA at Paradox, and then I went indie in 2015. In 2017 I founded Valiant Game Studio, replacing the sole proriotorship I had before.
The first few years, we were three people in Valiant, and we released our first title Pendula Swing in 2020 - right before the pendemic. Two years later, it was ported to Switch.

Today, I'm the only person in the company. I spend the majority of my time as a consultant for other indies, and spend whatever time I have left on my own development. In addition to funding my own shenanigans, it's a great way to learn new things and work with amazing people - so it really is a privelege.

Besides making my own games, I try to be a force for good within the industry. While I mostly stay away from social media these days, you will often hear me speak at schools and conferences about topics such as representation in video games as well as game development in general. I'm also one of the organizers of Sweden's largest meetups for game developers, called Link in Bar. This year is our 10th anniversary!