Project Introduction

Kloppyssimo started out as my bachelor diploma project in which I explored the "bottom-up-approach" - an experimental development approach. Through many prototypes and experiments a playful synthesizer - KLOPPYSSIMO - crystallized.

For a more streamlined and enjoyable experience, I created many bite-sized puzzles. They show how the many musical elements work and how to use them. This slow introduction of mechanics teaches the players how to create their own tunes for the sandbox mode.

These different puzzles - the realms - are accessed through a hub world. The hub is still in early development, but I aim to make it a fun place in which the players can discover many secrets. It should also function as a space to take a break, play around freely and experiment with the many mechanics. I'd like to make the hub a lively place inhabited by the "Kloppies" - simple but weird NPCs - which can be interacted with.

The hub is located inside of a pig. I am not sure where the story will lead to. Maybe you'll need to find a way to communicate with the pig, heal it or find your homework inside of the pig?
The story is not fleshed out yet, as story and setting are still very early in development. I am still looking for an elegant solution on how to create a compelling narrative that synergizes well with all the mechanics.
As it's still an early prototype a lot can an will change.

About Developer

My name is Sebastian and am a Swiss game developer. When developing games, I put a strong focus on game mechanics and gameplay. I believe that constant experimentation, iteration and risk taking is one of the keys to create unique and engaging experiences. With KLOPPYSSIMO I adapt and incorporate this development approach directly into the core of the game.