Content Warnings

Our game is based in hell and contains some mild violence, such as kicking hellish fiends and other monsters. There is also some mild gore, but nothing extreme. Our whole game is in retro style, so nothing is too explicit.

Project Introduction

This game is meant to be difficult and skill-intensive, and you, as the martial artist, will undergo difficult training in hell. Using your powerful kicks, you can launch yourself to higher places when kicking certain objects or monsters. The more you master this skill, the faster you will be capable of traversing the circles of hell and proving your worth as a martial artist.

On your way through hell, you also discover that you have the power to close short distances by channeling your chi. You can use this dash to get to places that are out of your normal reach, or you can use it to save yourself from falling back down a great distance.

About Developer

We are three young Belgian game developers who recently graduated from Digital Arts & Entertainment. We are using the skills we learned from school and our internship to make our first game, Kick'n Hell. The team is made up of one programmer and two game designers, who divide the artwork and game design between each other.

Because we are new to the gaming industry, we are looking to find as many opportunities and chances to learn and network with other studios to plan ahead, so we can hopefully add another successful indie studio to the Belgian and European gaming industries.