Project Introduction

Looking for an easy to learn, hard to master co-op with lots of replayability?
Keep Keepers merges the excitement of automation games with the strategic challenges of base defense. Night after night, you defend your keep by preparing and firing the best weapon combinations for the current situation. Invest in new weapons and upgrades during the day and discuss your strategy together to face a variety of enemies and challenges.

Defending ain’t easy. Use the strengths of each of your weapons to wreak havoc onto your enemies. Each weapon type will drastically alter your playstyle. With Keep Keepers, we took everything we love about tower defense and automation games and tried to combine it with accessible roguelike gameplay.

Finding the right balance between your economy and defense is the key to success. Use explosives to mine diamonds, sell them in the shop, and invest wisely in enhancing the defenses of your keep. Will you choose a new smelter, grabbers for automation, expanding your weapon arsenal, additional ammunition storage, or defensive upgrades? Keep Keepers is easy to pick up, yet offers surprising depth as you try to master the game.

During the day, unlock new weapons, streamline your production and upgrade your keep. Now is the moment to craft unwavering battle strategies. Fortify your keep and deliver your rallying speech, aiming to endure for as long as possible. Keep Keepers is our take on creating a unique and enjoyable co-op strategy experience and if that sounds like your kind of fun, we can't wait for you to dive in and experience Keep Keepers for yourself.

About Developer

We are a dedicated duo from Germany, two lifelong friends who departed from our corporate careers to embark on an shared journey, fueled by our passion for crafting extraordinary cooperative games. We are committed to developing games that not only entertain but also forge enduring connections and foster long lasting friendships.

Our journey in game development began over a decade ago, with evenings and weekends devoted to building our skills as game creators. While our initial endeavors didn't quite reach the threshold for publication, this period served as an invaluable learning experience that laid the groundwork for everything to come. Following our respective university educations, we both ventured into what can only be described as “soul-crushing” careers. However, every moment was endured with a singular objective: gathering the resources needed to establish our own gaming company, one that would faithfully uphold our vision and values.

Our ultimate goal is twofold: firstly, to craft exceptional gaming experiences for our players, and secondly, to cultivate a work environment where our future team members discover fulfillment and joy in their roles. We envision a workspace where creativity, innovation, and friendship flourish. Our company's foundation is built upon a shared vision, genuine appreciation, diversity, sustainability, uncompromising quality, and open, transparent communication.

Together, we aim to not only leave our mark in the gaming industry but also to empower others to connect, gain friends, and play - all while nurturing a workplace that fuels the spirit of openness, fun and fulfillment.