Content Warnings

The game contains murder scenes, images of blood and corpses.
Alcohol and cigarette consumption, also depression and insanity are demonstrated.

Project Introduction

The gameplay is built on two key elements: the search for triggers and the stress level. The game has a lot of hidden content, secret quests, dialogues, meetings, etc. You can easily miss something if not paying attention. The stress level will rise many times, when you are resting (saving), moving between locations, when someone offends the player, when there is blood or corpses, etc. You will have to reduce stress using cigarettes and alcohol, based on dependence you chose at the beginning, or alternative options. It is a kind of difficulty choice, because alcohol is much harder to get than cigarettes. If the stress is very high, new opportunities open up (cues/quests/locations), and especially randomness appears in the dialogues. If a player presses the "Yes" button to a question under high stress, there is a chance that the game will choose "No" instead. So you need to keep stress at a low level to prevent this.

Each location (except for the first one) can be passed in two or three ways. In addition, you will be able to move between all ten locations freely (as they open). The game has 2 false endings and one true that you can get only by completing ng+. NG+ continues the game storyline, but this one is available if you meet a number of conditions during the first playthrough.

About Developer

Our team consists of two artists, an editor and a writer/programmer. All team members are based in Ukraine. We have participated in the Ukrainian Visual Novel Jam several times. Our projects are mostly visual novels, but we plan to slowly change genres. Kami: Parade of Senses is the first really big and ambitious project for our team and we have high hopes for it.