Project Introduction

Job Joust is a merge between a brawler and a roguelike game. The goal is to eject your opponents from the arena.

Everyone can play in Job Joust as there are few inputs (Jump,Attack,Rush), you'll need to use the combination between those simple mechanics to be the last one standing.

Every 2 rounds you get to choose a power that improves some of your abilities (Rush faster, Rush stronger, Move faster, Disappear when you charge, Become a Giant).
If you are last you get to choose power first, making it easier to get the best (Legendary ones) powers.

Levels provide some fun element to the gameplay. You can get hit by lasers, explosive bombs, wind, moving platforms and so on.
You'll need to adapt to your environment to score more points.

Game is playable from 1-6 players on local or using Steam Remote Play Together. It also includes AIs that adapt to your gameplay so you can play solo.

About Developer

We are 2 french developers that worked for 6 years in the mobile industry on hypercasual games.
After releasing some hit games (Mob Control,Warplane Strike,Rolly Legs), we decided that it was time to move on and go on the PC market so we could make games that we want to play.

We started in January 2024 and Job Joust is our first game. It is based on a Game Jam we did when we were on our mobile gaming company where we wanted to adapt Smash Bros on mobile.